Athlete Assessments

MVR Awareness

The MVR Awareness evaluation provides unique insights into aspects of an athlete’s fluid intelligence, spatial awareness, and motor performance. It measures a specific spatial ability—to visualize how a three-dimensional object rotates in space—that has been tied to increased performance in various sports, including soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, and basketball.

MVR Drive

The MVR Drive evaluation promotes an accurate understanding of an athlete’s personality and motivation. It measures how closely he or she pays attention to internal and external forces and to what extent they are willing to adjust attitudes and behaviors depending on the circumstances. For example, is an athlete more likely to do something based on internal disposition, or on various social cues received from the environment?

MVR Vision

The MVR Vision evaluation scores factors relating to an athlete’s visual-spatial intelligence, processing speed, and abstract reasoning. It measures his or her innate abilities to analyze novel visual problems, identify patterns and relationships that underpin these problems, and predict visual and spatial events. Numerous studies have tied perceptual-cognitive elements such as reaction time, focus, and motion perception to athletic ability.

Smart Test Platform

One of the world’s first multi-dimensional computer adaptive testing platforms, our system takes personalized learning a step further. In traditional adaptive testing systems about 250 to 500 responses are solicited on pre-operational test questions. However, our platform also creates mathematical models of successful, predictive questions and automated item generators make a vast pool of items.

Moreover, our algorithms ensure that more than 99% of all items in bank are used, and no question appears on more than 25% of tests. When a question reaches usage threshold, the item generator supplies a new question. This advanced learning method makes sure that students understand the topic well and helps improve their performance.